Student Comments Week Ending 31-03-17

AWCC training program is the best I have done “this is as good as it gets in training”.

James Bayliss – Rig Manager – Easternwell At AWCC with IWCF & IADC


Excellent BOP course,  the best I have ever done!!

Shawn Sharp – Driller – Easternwell 


Awesome environment at AWCC. With the instructors knowledge and guidance throughout the course of the week I felt prepared and gave me the confidence to sit the exams. I highly recommend AWCC to Everyone.

Hamish Donovan – Motorhand  – Schumberger Land Rigs. At Australian Well Control Centre with IWCF & IADC


I found AWCC instructors experienced and informed with all subject matters. Outstanding learning experience.

Matt Cartwright-Derrickman – Easternwell