Student Comments from the week ending: 14-08-2015

AWCC have a very good Well Control program with very experienced instructors and excellent training material to learn and refresh from. The simulators work very well and are easy to use, plenty of time allocated which is refreshing. The meals supplied were great and with the car park directly across the road from the Centre made going to AWCC for well control a very easy place to train.

Mark Jarrett – Field Superintendent – Ensign Energy Services

“O” for AWESOME!!! lol!!!

Tom Te Ata – Driller – Savanna Energy Services

AWCC have a good way of identifying student learning needs through the way they allocate homework.

James Pye – Night Tool Pusher – Savanna Energy Services

AWCC staff are awesome!! Good job!!

Greg Desjarlais – Rig Manager – Savanna Energy Services