Student Comments Week Ending – 02-06-17

I found the course more effective than my past training experiences, AWCC have a well structured program.

Chris Hamilton – Driller – Easternwell at Australian Well Control Center with IWCF & IADC.


I found AWCC provide valuable extra time on the simulator, this combined with the well laid out classroom lessons and attention to detail with homework all combining to make a great week.

Herve’ Guellec – Supervisor – OCR


This is the second time I have been to AWCC and it just gets better every-time. I would highly recommended to anyone doing Well Control Training to come here.

David Mogg – Derrickman – Wild Desert at AWCC with IWCF & IADC


Overall this was a great experience, good team of people here at the center. I will be coming back again when my ticket is due for renewal again. Thanks to the team at AWCC.

Patrick Hagin – Derrickman – Savanna Energy


I would recommend Australian Well Control Center to anyone in the industry who has to do their tickets.

Bradley Kelly – Assistant Driller – Silver City Drilling


Great course, excellent staff and knowledgeable trainers, daily course plan is well timed so you don’t have information overload everyday.

William Green – Driller – TDC Drilling