Student Comments Week Ending – 09-06-17

AWCC is a great organisation of people who provide top level training and instructors for this course, I will be back in 2yrs.

Matthew Crow –  Supervisor  – OCR


As far as BOP schools go Australian Well Control Centre is one of the best.

Joshua Osbourne – Derrickhand    – Easternwell 


Had a great week with AWCC, bit stressful at times but with homework and lessons well planned for my needs I felt more at ease than before when going into exams. I will be back in 2yrs.

Scott Bengston – Assistant Driller  – Easternwell 


Overall AWCC offer a good course, was great the last time I came here 2yrs ago as well. Homework was well set out as it address what I needed.

Adam Gore – Field Superintendent – Savanna at Australian Well Control Centre with IWCF & IADC


See you next time

Glen Williams – Supervisor – Arrow Energy 


AWCC offer a extremely well layout program that is easy to understand and trainers are not only helpful they also able to explain answers to any questions I had.

John Jerome – Assistant Driller – Ensign at AWCC with IWCF & IADC