Student Comments Week Ending: 12-08-2016

  1. A very well delivered course structure combined with great instructor feedback.

Marty Wraight – Driller – Wild Desert

2. Great once again, however Rob didn’t take me for a beer. (yes he did, lunch and beer after Fridays testing lol!)

Jade Marshall – Driller/Night Pusher

3. I found the course hours very good, plenty of time to focus on homework allocation without the overload.

Stephen Cappelluti – Driller – Weatherford Int.

4. What a great week! Well Control made easy, this program is very easy to understand.

Rhani Campbell – Supervisor – TDC Drilling

5. Marty the instructor was very helpful! Just a great training Centre.

Mark Lawrence – Lead Hand – Rig Force

6. Very good!

Andrew Burey – Rig Manager – TDC Drilling