Student Comments Week Ending – 17-11-2017

Great training, I polished up on areas that I haven’t used in quite awhile. A very pleasant learning environment with a well skilled team of staff to ensure a smooth course.

Stephen Jon Le Gallez – OCR – Selah at AWCC with IWCF & IADC


AWCC provide a great facility with a very experienced team of trainers that are more than happy to assist with any questions I had.

Kane Freeman – Supervisor – Auscoil 


This was an excellent course with very helpful instructors and explained the course content very clearly to me. I will be back to do my next BOP ticket with AWCC.

Michael Coleman – Night Pusher – Savanna 


Excellent centre!! Getting ready for the exams is so good with so many practice tests available to  keep you focused. Will recommend to all SWMS employees.

Mark Ballantyne – Driller – SWMS at Australian Well Control Centre with IWCF & IADC


AWCC Instructors were very helpful with the various questions that I had, and they have a very good understanding of what was required to get me through the week.

Cody Hohn – Assistant Driller – MPC Group