Student Comments Week Ending – 18-08-17

Great facility with ample time allowed for practice on the simulator was extremely helpful. The trainers are very helpful and the staff are very friendly.

Brendan Warren – Rig Manager – Wild Desert 


The trainers at AWCC were very helpful and the centre provided a relaxed environment which helps keep the stress levels down. I have enjoyed coming to AWCC for my BOP ticket.

Raymond Jenkins – Rig Manager – Easternwell  at Australian Well Control Centre with IWCF & IADC


A  well thought out course that made me have more of an understanding of Equipment/ Processes that previously I did not understand. The homework only consisted of what I needed to learn and not what I already knew.

Waitia Petera – Driller – Ensign 


This was an extremley informative course, i needed a little extra help with the simulator and the trainer was more than willing to stay back to explain things to me so that I had full understanding of what I was doing.

Rhys Michelutti – Coil Operator – Wellpro at AWCC with IWCF & IADC


AWCC provided me the confidence to pass this course with a very well structured program that maximized my learning  in the areas that I needed to pay attention too.

James Diplock – Driller – Mitchell Services