Student Comments Week Ending – 19-01-2018

This was a very good training course and I have learnt a lot here with AWCC, thanks for a great week.

Jaden Camilleri – Derrickhand – Easternwell 


I have walked away with a great deal of knowledge from attending this course, the homework was beneficial in helping to retain the information that was taught in class.

Dean Standge – Derrickman – Easternwell at AWCC with IWCF & IADC


A great BOP course, the trainer was through in making sure we had a grasp on the concepts of all the lessons that we had to get through during the program.

Andrew Ellis – Derrickman – Easternwell 


As this was my first BOP school I was impressed with both the course layout and the homework program to back up the learning from throughout the day.

Mitchell Bourke  – Derrickman – Easternwell 


I was very happy with this course being my first time, I would have no problems with reccomending AWCC to others who are looking do do their BOP ticket in the future.

Campbell Marr – Motors – Easternwell  at Australian Well Control Centre with IWCF & IADC


This was a very informative course and I have left AWCC with a lot of new knowledge from doing this course, thanks for a great few days.

Heathcliff Green – Lead Floor Hand – Easternwell 


Thanks for a great few days, there is a lot of information to take in over a short timeframe but you have a well layed out course that ensures there is still time to go over any problem areas.

David Lameree – Derrickman – Easternwell 

I would recommend AWCC to anyone who is looking to obtain their BOP ticket.

Mark Hill – Derrickman – Saxon