Student Comments Week Ending: 22-07-2016

AWCC facilitate an excellent course! very informative, set at a good pace! I will definitely be back in two years!

Gideon De Kroon – Supervisor – Silver-city Drilling

As a first time person coming to do IWCF and not knowing what to expect when I got there I found the trainers to be very good at bringing me up to speed. I’ve really enjoyed the week!

Bradley Labuschewski – Driller – SLR (Schlumberger Land Rigs)

Martin the Instructor has a good teaching style and provides easy to understand explanations when questions are asked of him.

Stuart Irvine – Rig Manager/OCR 

The AWCC trainer Marty is very good! he had his work cut out for him as I was not that experienced in filling out kill sheets. Good job team!!

Mark Lawrence – Derrickman – Rig Force