Student Quotes of the week: 28-03-2014

Excellent all round training, with great help when required.

Greg (Mick) O’Connor – Drilling Superintendent – Ensign Energy Services.

First time to well control, I really enjoyed this course, can’t wait to return and further my knowledge!

Sam Ferrier – Driller – Savanna Energy Services at Australian Well Control Centre – AWCC – Australian Well Control – IWCF – IADC

After seven well control schools this one is the best school I have been to! I recommend anyone to come here! Very happy 🙂

Andy Baker – OCR – QGC

The trainers have presented the well control program in the best way possible.

Omar Riahi – Well Site Supervisor – Schlumberger, QLD

A well put together well control program.

Brad Williams – Driller – Savanna Energy Services. at Australian Well Control Centre – AWCC – Australian Well Control – IWCF – IADC

Good course, very informative.

Brett Whalens – OCR / FSA – Fendley Consultants

I would recommend that the work books have an index to make it easier to learn and find specific subjects.

Carlos Hogemann – Assistant Driller – Ensign Energy Services

Very, very good program over all – My only suggestion would be to have an Equipment lesson so that it is not just reading material.

Jason Stork – Well Site Supervisor – Schlumberger, QLD

I would suggest improved class participation to ensure a proper understanding of well control concepts while going through the slides.

Robert Tang – Well Site Supervisor – Schlumberger, QLD 

at Australian Well Control Centre – AWCC – Australian Well Control – IWCF – IADC