Well Control Courses

Well Control Courses

Why Choose Australian Well Control Centre?

Australian Well Control Centre (AWCC) has been founded by drilling industry professionals, AWCC offers premium well control courses or programs for the oil and gas industry. With an emphasis on the fundamentals of well control training, literacy and numeracy assistance and the ability to develop and deliver well control courses specific to company requirements, AWCC is committed to long standing relationships by teaching our student participants, as opposed to just certifying them.


Head Office is situated in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Located in the hub for the Surat Basin, our Toowoomba office has substantial infrastructure to deliver well control courses to industry. As of July 2018, our second Well Control learning centre is located at our East Brisbane Campus, which is close to transportation to all areas, including parking and lunches.

In addition to our exceptional programs facilities which in itself presents value for money, having your people trained in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia offers both companies and those paying for themselves significant financial incentives.

Simply put, if you need to travel to attend a Well Control course and require accommodation, transport and meals, training in Toowoomba, Queensland has been proven to be “half the price in hidden costs” compared to that of a Brisbane or Gold Coast based Centers. In these locations tariffs apply on accommodation, food and transport during peak periods can sky rocket the cost of sending your people to this very specific type training.

In comparison, AWCC is located in the beautiful garden city of Toowoomba and for the cost of a  $30 AUD bus ticket and an hour and a half trip your employees can be accommodated within 5 minutes or less walking distance from the AWCC training facility and after hours support. AWCC regularly notice that companies are saving at least $1,000 per student in hidden cost by attending the Toowoomba based Centre.

Primary courses and services:

  • IWCF/IADC Rotary Drilling Well Control Course/Program (Levels 2, 3 and 4)
  • IADC WellSharp Course Schedule – Driller and Supervisor Programs
  • IWCF  Well Control Prep Program – iwcf.wellcontrolcentre.com.au

Course Development Service
We listen to our clients and understand that it is a dynamic industry with differing needs. Working in conjunction with industry, our course developers will customise and deliver well control related courses that produce both high efficiency and safety related outcomes for our client’s operations.

Innovative Course Structure and Delivery

AWCC are the only Well Control Centre that offer an “individualised program” for our student participants. Extensive resources have been incorporated into the development of new and innovative course curriculum. This has resulted in one of the most progressive course structures currently within Australia if not the world. This combined with a lesson based system and after hours support, participants have the greatest opportunity to absorb information over the course duration and deliver outstanding results. AWCC are currently enjoying a 99% success rate in the Well Control space, and are proud to be the industry leaders in this very specific type of training.

Alignment to Australian VET Certification

AWCC is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and can offer all aspects of VET certified Oil and Gas Drilling Certificates, the certificates have been recognised as Nationally Accredited Training for the Oil and Gas industry Onshore. AWCC offer a blended assessment process acknowledging the student participants prior learning and experience, we offer field based assessments and provide hard recourses as required. All Certificates can be tailor made to suit specific company and student requirements. Upon request, Statements of Attainments can be issued for units of competencies completed during their selected Well Control course.

Multiple Trainers

AWCC understand that to best convey knowledge is to provide the resources. With our programs, participants have access to highly experienced Instructors with many years of specific oil and gas industry experience. This is an AWCC commitment to quality of training and the passing of knowledge, we frown upon providers that put your people in front of instructors that have very little industry experience or have simply not worked in the industry at all. Unfortunately this situation does exist so next time your ready to book a Well Control course enquire about instructor experience and communication skills as this is a vital part of the student participants personal learning experience and successful well control outcomes.

National and International Focus

Our mobile ability allows AWCC global reach. Our goal is to present a comprehensive and cost effective solution to our client’s needs when they need it and where they need it. Through partnerships and affiliation with organizations at the heart of oil and gas regions, we provide solutions to the industry on the doorstep of operations.

Course Development

The company has a commitment to provide sound management practices to ensure effective client services. We have client service processes for: We listen to our clients and understand that it is a dynamic industry with differing needs. Working in conjunction with industry, our course developers will customize and deliver well control and well engineering related courses that produce both high efficiency and safety related outcomes for our client’s operations.