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  • The Australian Well Control Centre

    Australia’s leading energy, mining and construction industries training provider.

  • Accelerating Compliance | Fast-Tracking Solutions
  • Recognise Your Achievements & Prior Skills
  • Labour Hire & Work Force Placement | Pathways to Employment
  • The Australian Well Control Centre

    Australia’s leading energy, mining and construction industries training provider.

  • Accelerating Compliance | Fast-Tracking Solutions
  • Recognise Your Achievements & Prior Skills
  • Labour Hire & Work Force Placement | Pathways to Employment

Accelerating Compliance | Fast-Tracking Solutions

Turbo Programs

The AWCC Turbo Certificate Programs are a new and exciting way to complete a Certificate for the Oil and Gas, Mining, and Construction industries. Turbo is tailored for those seeking to expedite their educational and professional advancement. This program is the express route to achieving your desired qualifications with efficiency and expertise. By providing a dynamic in-person learning experience, Turbo ensures you acquire the knowledge and skills you need at an impressive pace, equipping you for success in your chosen field while maintaining the benefits of traditional classroom interaction.

  • Accelerated courses.

  • Fast-track missing Certificates.

  • Toowoomba or Brisbane.

  • Nationally Accredited.

Recognise Your Achievements & Prior Skills

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Accelerate your journey towards an official qualification by obtaining recognition for your prior academic achievements or workplace skills. This streamlined process reduces the amount of time you need to dedicate to studying, enabling you to attain your qualification much sooner. We have the capability to efficiently transfer credits from your previous successful coursework and evaluate your skill set to grant you the recognition you deserve.

  • Quickly obtain qualifications.

  • Meet compliance requirements.

  • Industry experienced Trainers & Assessors.

  • World class facilities.

Labour Hire & Work Force Placement | Pathways to Employment

Access Labour Solutions

Our recruitment services at AWCC are designed to cater to businesses of all sizes throughout Australia. Achieve through the investment we make in delivering adaptable, cost-effective, and dependable solutions to help our clients thrive. Our team consists of dedicated professionals with a proven track record, earning accolades from both clients and employees. Beyond just recruitment, our organisational culture is a cornerstone, actively shaping and enhancing the businesses we partner with. We understand the vital role that a strong culture plays in driving success, and we ensure that it’s a central focus in our approach to recruitment.

  • Labour Hire.

  • Permanent Placement.

  • Oil & Gas Recruitment.

  • Shutdown Personnel.

  • Permanent Placement.

Australian Well Control Centre
10 years & 20,000 students can’t be wrong.

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Why choose a course with AWCC? Simply put, AWCC provides proven quality training that’s affordable. All AWCC programs have been designed and are led by Industry Experts that have actually become leaders in their respective fields. AWCC’s No Cancellation Policy on Advertised Programs offers our clients real service when needing to get your people trained in a timely manner.

Short Courses
Certificate Programs
Turbo Cert II
Everything you need to Fast-track your way into the Oil & Gas industry!

Our Unique Point of Difference!

Implementing over 150 years of Well Control and hands on field experience into our training programs.

The Australian Well Control Centre has been established by a team of Industry Field Professionals with the fundamental goal of providing the Oil and Gas, Mining and Construction Industries with Nationally Accredited Training, Premium Well Control Programs, Industry Recognised Safety Inductions and Skilled Labour Supply Services.

Unlike our competitors, AWCC’s Primary Programs were in the area of Well Control Training. Hence the name “Australian Well Control Centre” The subject of IWCF and IADC Well Control which is considered to be one of the most difficult of courses in Oil and Gas, requiring highly skilled Instructors to deliver the programs has always been our bread and butter. The company is very unique in this sense and it’s these attributes that our Industry Partners say sets us apart from other training organisations. It’s our deep and clear understanding of what the Industry needs regarding quality and service in a training provider.

AWCC is the only company in Queensland, possibly Australia that has been founded by IWCF Well Control Experts being able to facilitate decades of Rig and Well Control experience to our student participants. In 2015 the company became an RTO at the request of the major Drilling Contractors in the region, since this time AWCC have been delivering Nationally Accredited Training to many of the major Operating Companies and Industry Contractors. In short, AWCC were told that the industry needed something better and with our industry expertise our company was able to provide a solution.

AWCC’s Commitment to quality training was ultimately recognised by industry when the company was appointed an Approved Program Provider’s role for Safer Together’s Industry Safety Induction. Since this time AWCC have overseen the start up and ongoing success of the ISI Program in the State of Queensland, Australia.

In this era of Competency Management, the need for Quality Training and Changes to Industrial Manslaughter Laws in QLD means you personally can’t afford to take your companies training lightly, gone are the days shopping on price alone or ticking a box to satisfy a training matrix that meets someones KPI, the training must be quality. The RTO that you as Company or Training Coordinator commits to partnering with for your workforce certification needs to be closely scrutinised to ensure that you are receiving the best for your people, reducing incidents and empowering the individuals with the tactile and decision making skills to arrive home from work safely.

AWCC Can Help with:

  • Increasing your Companies Safety Performance

  • Maintain Training Compliance in line with Safer Together Recommendations and Government Regulations

  • Provide Measurable Outcomes on your investment in training and safety

  • Contrary to popular belief Save Money on Training Expense’s by utilising AWCC’s unique package of services

Book Now for a Free Company Appraisal and let AWCC demonstrate how your company can Save Time and Reduce Project Expenditure while maintaining a High Level of Training Quality and Compliance.

Providing Quality Training is our focus, having our student participants feel empowered with knowledge is our goal.

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