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IWCF Level 2: Fundamentals of Well Control

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IWCF LEVEL 2 – Fundamentals of Well Control Program Book Today
3 Day Course – Run Fortnightly – Group Booking Discounts – Internationally Accredited Instructors – Brisbane and Toowoomba Facilities

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  • Name Date Time Location Cost

This introductory course provides Drilling Personnel with basic understanding of Well Control. The program is designed to help and progress junior staff in obtaining a solid background knowledge of Well Control Equipment, The Principals Involved and Approved Procedures of Hydrocarbon Containment. The course not only focuses on why Well Control is important but also why Quality Well Control Training is essential in conducting our Upstream Oil and Gas Drilling/Workover Activities Safely and Conscientiously.

IWCF level 2 Course Information

Course Date


Check our Schedule for Program Dates and Locations.
$1850 AUD
+ 10% GST
3 Days

7:00am to 5:00pm

Number of Students

Maximum 8 Students to 1 Instructor

IWCF Level 2 Course Content

The Program Content Follows the Approved IWCF syllabus:
  1. General well control principles
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Hydrostatic pressure
  4. Formation pressures
  5. Primary & secondary well control
  6. Well control equipment
  7. Subsea and surface equipment
  8. Well barrier concept
  9. Kick causes
  10. Kick detection
  11. Influx characteristics and behavior
  12. Well control methods
  13. Inflow testing

IWCF Level 2 Course Objectives

To be able to:
  1. Understand the negative consequences associated with loss of well control
  2. Understand the need for detection
  3. Recognize the warning signs of abnormal pressure
  4. Know the actions that should be taken when kick indicators are present
  5. Be familiar with the functions of the bop equipment
  6. Be able to select well control method to regain control
  7. Be able to fill in a IWCF surface and/or subsea kill sheet
  8. Be able to calculate kill mud weight, initial circulation pressure and final circulation pressure
  9. Correctly obtain shut in pressures in the well
  10. Understand the barrier concept
  11. Know the impact pumping cement could have on well control
  12. Obtain sufficient knowledge  to pass a written IWCF tests Equipment and P&P papers with minimum 70% score.

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