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Blow Out Prevention Equipment – Hands on Well Control Training

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AWCC Blow Out Prevention Equipment – Hands-on Well Control Program: Mastering BOP Excellence!

  • Name Date Time Location Cost
    Hands on Well Control Training 29 & 30 July 2024 08:00 am - 04:30 pm AWCC Toowoomba $1,320.00
    Hands on Well Control Training 26 & 27 August 2024 08:00 am - 04:30 pm AWCC Toowoomba $1,320.00

The “Introduction to Surface Well Control Equipment” is a 2-day course that covers the fundamentals of BOPs and related well control equipment used on today’s onshore rigs. It equips participants with comprehensive knowledge of a drilling rig’s well control equipment and prepares them to handle common issues encountered on the wellsite.

Through interactive hands-on sessions in our dedicated training workshop and practical assignments, participants learn essential maintenance procedures and operational methods, all with a strong emphasis on safe working practices.

This course not only complements the mandatory IWCF well control training but also enhances attendees’ confidence and understanding, ensuring they are well-prepared to operate and maintain well control equipment safely. The importance of safety is essential training in well control systems and Blow Out Preventers (BOPs). These systems are vital for ensuring safety in the event of wellbore pressure issues.

Course Overview:

$1200 AUD
+ 10% GST
2 Days

Course Inclusions:

Task 1: Visual Inspection of BOP Equipment Embark on a journey of comprehensive visual inspections, identifying key BOP components for optimal functionality. Our program ensures you acquire skills vital for real-world well control scenarios.

Task 2: Ram Preventer Inspection and Operation Delve into the specifics of ram preventers, gaining practical knowledge in their inspection and operation. Be equipped to confidently handle these critical elements in well control scenarios.

Task 3: Annular Preventer Inspection and Operation Master annular preventers with hands-on inspections and operations. Acquire practical know-how for efficient functioning during well control situations.

Task 4: Visual Inspection and Identification of BOP HPU (Accumulator) and Remote Panel Learn to visually inspect and identify the Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) and remote panel components, understanding their roles in well control operations.

Task 5: Function Test Ram Preventers, Annular Preventers, and HCR Valve Translate your knowledge into action with function tests on ram preventers, annular preventers, and the Hydraulic Control Return (HCR) valve. This practical task ensures precision in handling these components.

Task 6: Carry Out Pressure Tests Execute pressure tests on ram and annular preventers, as well as gate valves, following client-specific policies and procedures. Solidify your ability to operate under real-world conditions.

Task 7: Simulate Pressure Test on Side Outlet HCR Valves and Choke Manifold Simulate pressure tests on side outlet HCR valves and the Choke Manifold, gaining hands-on experience in managing well control scenarios with confidence.

Task 8: Inspect Certification-ID Plates on BOP Preventers Prioritize compliance and safety by inspecting Certification-ID plates on BOP preventers. Our program emphasizes proper documentation for regulatory adherence.

Safety-First Assurance: Rest assured, our training prioritizes safety and follows best industry practices and API Standards, ensuring a secure learning environment for mastering well control scenarios.

Ready to elevate your well control skills? Enrol in AWCC Blow Out Prevention Equipment – Hands-on Well Control Program and become a master in managing BOP scenarios. Your journey to expertise starts here!

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