Industry Safety Induction (ISI)


From 1 July 2016, all new industry starters are required to satisfactorily complete the Industry Safety Induction prior to working on the development or operation of any facilities in the Queensland Natural Gas exploration and production industry. For more information visit:

Project / Initiative

Industry Safety Induction – develop and roll out an Industry Safety Induction to drive consistency and cost efficiency in delivering safety induction training to all industry personnel.


The industry has targeted a Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate of less than 1 by 2018. A key component of achieving this target will be the competence and behaviour of industry personnel. Currently, the competence of personnel varies widely in the industry. Common core safety competency requirements have not been established.

Many Contractors work for several Operators, often on various sites. This leads to duplication, cost inefficiencies and potential confusion via mixed messages when delivering safety inductions to workers as they move from client to client and site to site.


Define a common agreed standard of core safety competence and a set of common agreed working behaviours for everyone working within the industry. Develop common agreed induction processes for assessing core safety competence and behavioural requirements. Provide a ‘ticket to play’ for all workers who satisfy competence and behavioural requirements and ensure that this ‘ticket to play’ is accepted by all industry Operators and Contractors.


As from May 01, 2018, the Industry Safety Induction course feee is  $450+GST for Safer Together members, and $650+GST for non-members.




Visit the Safer Together website for more information.