Operate Breathing Apparatus

MSMWHS216 – Operate Breathing Apparatus

Course Overview

Our MSMWHS216 – Operate Breathing Apparatus course is designed for persons who are required to wear breathing apparatus for part of their job, particularly working in a confined space; working with hazardous gases/vapours; or in irrespirable

atmospheres as defined by Australian Standards.

This course also applies to those working alone or as part of a team or group and working in liaison with other shift team members and the control room operator, as appropriate.

Course Outline

This course covers the following aspects:

  • Purpose of Breathing Apparatus
  • Requirements of the wearer
  • Set construction
  • Irrespirable atmosphere
  • Set’s duration
  • Donning and starting procedures
  • After use maintenance
  • Wearer safety


All AWCC Training courses are conducted by experienced specialists in their given field

  • 6 hours of face to face training
  • Up to 12 trainees per course
  • Students are provided with individualised assistance from being in a small class
  • Knowledge on relevant legislation and Australian Standards
  • Recommendations and advice for specialised PPE and equipment for your workplace
  • Plenty of time for hands on training



conducted over 6 hours
certificate on the day


Public course = $265
Group/Onsite = Please call us on 07 4638 0532


Course Schedule – Operate Breathing Apparatus


Start Date

Toowoomba Tuesday, 15th May 2018 Book Now