RII Short Course

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RII Short Course

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The Australian Well Control Centre’s RII Short Course is aimed at assisting the drilling industry to provide quality training within high risk areas.

Entry Requirements:

Entry requirements for short course can vary, please contact the Australian Well Control Centre for more information.


Ongoing enrolments

Assessment Method:

The Australian Well Control Centre offers short course by three different assessment methods.

  1. Training and Assessment delivered by one of the Australian Well Control Centers Trainers and Assessors, within your workplace.
  2. Through a Partnering Agreement, this allows your in house Trainers and Assessors to deliver the short course, within your workplace.
  3. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), in certain instances will also be accepted.

Assessment will be conducted a blended delivery method of Required Knowledge Assessment and Practical Skills Assessment.


Depending on delivery arrangement. Please contact the Australian Well Control Centre.

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