Student Comments Week Ending: 10-10-2015

The course was great!! After completing 3 different well control courses elsewhere, AWCC have been the best by far!!!

Jonathan Craig – Driller – Ensign Energy Services

The course was personalized and communicated clearly, the homework etc. very much prepared us well coming into exam day.

Ben Mathews – Derrickman – Savanna Energy Services

Great Facility! The trainers had a good knowledge of what is required to be successful in a IWCF Well Control program!

Lucas Reynolds – Derrickman – Savanna Energy Services

A very well structured program that targets individuals strengths and identifies weakness to work on. I would recommend AWCC to any one who is looking to complete well control properly.

Ben Minshull – Driller – Ensign Energy Services

A very good BOP program! Great Content! Great Material!

Roy Dunne – OCR – Fendlay

Good to be back! Good Times! No Complaints Again!! Cheers Guys!!

Nick Lullfitz – Derrickman – Savanna Energy Services

Great BOP School!!!

Trent Ries – Derrickman – Wild Desert

Great Course! End Up Being Heaps of Fun!!

Rob Reid – Driller – Savanna Energy Services