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Drive and Manoeuvre Trailers

Welcome to Australian Well Control Centres Training! Our course on AURTGA001 – Drive and manoeuvre trailers is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate trailers safely and effectively in various environments.

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Course Overview

Course code: AURTGA001
Investment: $395 AUD
Duration: 1 Day

Prerequisites: Valid Driver’s License

The Drive and manoeuvre trailers course spans one day, providing participants with the tactile and decision-making skills to confidently couple, drive, and manoeuvre trailers.
Vehicle incidents are a leading cause of fatalities in Australian workplaces, resulting in devastating road accidents affecting companies and the public. The goal of undertaking Australian Well Control Centres’ Drive and manoeuvre trailers training course is to enhance knowledge of road legislation, improve practical skills in trailer manoeuvring and coupling, and strengthen understanding of hazard and risk assessments. The course is facilitated by industry-leading trainer drivers with extensive experience, ensuring thorough identification of hazards and risks to maintain safety for your work party and the general public.

Drive and manoeuvre trailers performance skills learned

  1. Drive trailers on roads with curves.
  2. Manoeuvre trailers on roads with curves.
  3. Couple trailers to vehicles.
  4. Access, interpret, and apply technical information for trailers.
  5. Identify safety systems for trailers.
  6. Perform safe shutdown procedures and parking methods.

Drive and manoeuvre trailers knowledge skills learned

  1. Work Health and Safety (WHS) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements related to driving and manoeuvring trailers, including procedures for manually manoeuvring trailers.
  2. Key features of relevant state and territory regulations pertaining to trailers, including those for couplings, safe towing weights, towing speeds, and braking.
  3. Application, purpose, and operation of trailers, including pivot and non-pivot types, and definitions of aggregate trailer mass and gross trailer mass.
  4. Trailer coupling systems, such as tow ball, lunette ring, and weight distributing hitch.
  5. Inspection procedures for trailers, covering coupling systems, electrical systems, braking systems, wheel assembly and bearings, and suspension systems.
  6. Loading procedures for trailers, including center of mass location, tongue weight, methods to determine maximum towing capacity of vehicles, and methods to determine towbar load capacity.
  7. Driving and manoeuvring techniques, including the effects of trailers on overall turning circles, acceleration, steering, and braking; methods to avoid and control vehicle and trailer sway; and techniques for trailer reversing.

Why Choose AWCC for Your Drive and Manoeuvre Trailers – AURTGA001 Training Course?

AWCC was founded by individuals who have worked in your industry, understanding the field’s needs for safety and compliance. We focus on best industry practices, moving away from impractical trailer usage. AWCC is committed to quality training, exemplified by our investment in a purpose-built trailer replicating activities in the energy, mining, and construction industries—this isn’t a simulator but a real driver training experience in a controlled environment.
How do we know what happens in the field? Because we’ve been there! This experience sets AWCC apart:

  1. Instruction by real industry professionals (oil and gas field workers, construction managers, renewable energy supervisors).
  2. Excellent training location in East Brisbane, near accommodations, transportation, The Gabba Cricket Ground, and amenities.
  3. Competitive pricing.
  4. Overall exceptional training experience!

Drive and Manoeuvre Trailers Learning Methods

This program is delivered through:

  • Face-to-face facilitation in a classroom environment.
  • Extended practical experience with AWCC’s purpose-built trailer.

Need More Information?

Contact us on 07 4638 0532 or email today to find out more!

You can view our Terms and Conditions and our Student Handbook before making a decision to train with us.