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What makes Australian Well Control different?

Australian Well Control Centre (AWCC) has been founded by drilling industry professionals, so if AWCC’s Labour Hire team knows you, then chances are, so do Australian companies engaged in the civil construction, resources and oil & gas sectors.


AWCC’s Head Office is situated in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Located in the hub for the Surat Basin, our Toowoomba office has substantial infrastructure to deliver employment and training services to the local civil construction, resources and oil & gas sectors.

Why use Australian Well Control for your Labour needs?

The Australian Well Control Centre (AWCC) has a large pool of manpower ranging from the entry level candidates though to experienced personnel with a wide variety of field experienced to support your needs.

Client Benefits:

  1. By partnering with AWCC, and utilising our Labour Hire services, your business will massively reduced your training budget. AWCC ensures all candidates are rig ready with nationally accredited competencies and industry accreditation;
  2. Imagine no redundancy or layoff during periods of shut down, making your business an employer of choice, attracting quality candidates
  3. Hiring one of AWCC’s Labour candidates will definitely assist in eliminating expensive HR costs. AWCC can provide competitive day rates for trained quality industry professionals.
  4. All AWCC candidates come fully trained with the Safer Together’s Common Industry Competencies in mind.

Quality Candidates – Rig Ready

As a nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO No. 41356), AWCC ensures all potential employees are introduced to their prospective employers with  pre-qualified skills sets and are job-ready for every Employer. All candidates will be successfully trained in the following nationally accredited courses, and industry specific courses, prior to onboarding into your business:

  1. Industry Safety Induction (ISI) endorsed by Safer Together (non-accredited)
  2. RIIWHS204D – Working at Heights
  3. MSMWHS217 – Gas Test Atmospheres
  4. RIIWHS202D – Enter and Work in Confined Spaces 
  5. RIIWHS202D and MSMWHS217 Enter and Work in Confined Spaces with Gas Test Atmospheres
  6. MSMWHS216 – Operate Breathing Apparatus 
  7. MSMWHS212 – Undertake first response to fire incidents
  8. HLTAID001 – Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  9. HLTAID002 – Provide Basic Emergency Life Support
  10. HLTAID003 – Provide first aid

How does utilising AWCC RTO benefit potential employers? 

AWCC was founded as a Drilling Training Company specialising in Well Control and this is AWCC’s core product which requires many years of industry knowledge to teach properly. AWCC have taken this specific knowledge of our industry requirements and utilised it to procure a highly trained and experienced labour force.

All AWCC potential employees have been selected by our hands-on Management Team who knows what to look for in regard to suitable field placements. In short, AWCC commits to taking the risk with our clients to ensure successful, one time field placements that benefits the operation on many levels including saving time and money.




The AWCC selection process, AWCC does it for you:

As mentioned, AWCC takes the risk in support of our clients by performing a vigorous selection process on each potential candidate for placement. This allows your HR department to be utilised better and getting people in the field quicker; while keeping your project costs down.

The AWCC Selection and Training process ensures quality and includes:

  1. Individual applicants are closely screened for their suitability regarding Working Remotely, Mechanical Aptitude, drug free lifestyle, and working within established procedures;
  2. All applicants have their Resume’s Checked and Police Clearance verified;
  3. All candidates must successfully complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test prior to moving forward with AWCC; and
  4. AWCC is then committed to training our people if not already to a Safer Together Common Industry Competency Standard at no expense to the individual.

Where do AWCC clients see the greatest benefits for their organisations?

Our current Clients have expressed using AWCC Labour services has assisted them in the following areas:

  1. Reducing overall expense by thousands for Employee Recruitment;
  2. Human Recourses in the area of Advertising, Interview Time and employee evaluation/selection procedures;
  3. Minimise Employee wage expense, including training day payments;
  4. Retail Costs of Training, AWCC candidates come fully field ready regardless of position. All AWCC candidates are trained in the above mentioned units of competency eliminating any argument or confusion as to what level of training individual work positions require. In other words,  AWCC people come fully ISI and CIC compliant;
  5. Reducing Training Mobilisation Costs, such as Travel, Accommodation and meals etc.;
  6. Down time is kept to a minimum, and working short-handed is limited as field placement is immediate which absorbs the work load reducing fatigue levels of existing personnel. This of course has the potential to increase moral and safety performance at the work site; and
  7. AWCC Post-Employment support and ongoing training options are very good.

For More Information

  1. For employers looking for Labour Hire Workers, please click on the “Labour Hire” button.
  2. If you are looking for work within the Civil construction, Resources and Oil & Gas industries, then click on the “Job Seekers” button below.



For further information on our other courses, please find links regarding to Safer Together ISI (Industry Skills Induction) and CIC (Common Industry Competencies) Training.


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