Paul Cooper – DSM – Tatweer Petroleum, Bahrain – Student Testimonial:

With over 30 years of attending well control school I would say that the trainers at AWCC have an extensive knowledgeable of well control, It was obvious that the program had been designed to promote learning and was well supported by the chemical and petroleum engineering tutoring made readily available.

The AWCC well control training program provided exactly what was required to be successful with IWCF certification. The trainers stayed on task and did not deviate from the subjects being discussed. The extended simulator time was especially useful in re-enforcing knowledge.

The facilities and atmosphere were great, the center provided adequate room and ventilation that created a very pleasant and relaxed learning environment.

Paul Cooper – DSM – Tatweer Petroleum, Bahrain.

At Australian Well Control Centre at IWCF at AWCC at Well Control Australia at IADC